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DirecTV on Facebook
Facebook Business Page
Expect a response in: 20 hours
Best time to write: around 3pm
Rank: #4 of 11 ways to contact

DirecTV Facebook-based Customer Help - Info & Stats

Address of Facebook page
Rückruf möglich
Facebook page hours
24 Stunden, 7 Tage
Ideal time to write
First response time
Durchschnittliche Bearbeitungszeit
Rank (amongst all ways to contact)
Legibility of messaging
Qualität der Hilfe
Informationen zuletzt aktualisiert
Sat Apr 21 2018 10:00:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)

DirecTV Customer Service via Facebook: The Breakdown

DirecTV's Facebook Business Page is one way to contact customer service and see if they are on Messenger at the same time. We don't always recommend this as the best way to reach them, and you can see our other suggestions right here. If there's a better, faster way to speak to a customer service rep about your issue, we got it. One reason that so few customers prefer to speak with businesses over Facebook is that the conversation is more private than, say, a conversation with DirecTV over Twitter. And generally, if a Facebook option is available and their customer service department actually operates it, they likely have a big enough customer support operation to also communiate over the phone, by email, or sometimes even by chat. And of course we at GetHuman build tools to make communicating any of these ways even easier and less time-consuming, so there's that too. So far we have not built any tools to accelerate or improve communication through Facebook, but we may soon. Particularly for companies that are on Facebook Messenger.

Kontaktaufnahme mit DirecTV im Allgemeinen

There are 11 ways to speak with DirecTV customer support. This is just one of them. And not likely to be the best one. In almost every case, you would want to call DirecTV if possible, or use the GetHuman Phone to call them so you don't have to wait on hold. The best way to talk to customer care, according to other DirecTV customers, is the undefined option we show above. If you know of other ways to reach DirecTV that we haven't talked about here already, please let our research team know. Or if you think that DirecTV has a better Facebook page or Messenger handle, we want to know that too! And we of course would want to share that with other customers in our ongoing fight to make customer service easier and more transparent to all.

Kontaktaufnahme mit DirecTV

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