PayPal Phone Number 888-221-1161: Shortcuts & Tips

PayPal Telefonnummer

Customer Service Line
Avg. Wait: 14 minutes
STOP. Don't Call.
The hold time is long & dealing with their reps is frustrating. Save time by telling us your issue:

What's the issue?

What is the customer service number for the Paypal prepai...
44 Popular Issues
Account access
How do I reset my password or account information?, Why is my account locked?
70 Popular Issues
Update account information
How do I change my account type from business to personal?, How do I remove a bank account from my Paypal account?, How to change my debit card on PayPal?, How do I link my PayPal account to my bank account?, How do I correct the wrong email address in PayPal?, How do I change my PayPal home address?, How do I change my email address?, How can I change and/or correct my name?
50 Popular Issues
Cancel service
How do I cancel a PayPal transfer?, How do I close my Paypal account?, How do I cancel my card?
59 Popular Issues

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